Adaptive Learning
enabled on e-learning platforms

Using our APIs, you can augment the user experience efficiency by taking advantage of advanced educational services.


  • Complete resource indexation : access to an efficient and multifaceted search engine tailored to your needs.

  • Automatic publishing in several resource directories.

  • Harvest, process and interrogate tracks through Learning Record Store in the xAPI format (TINCAN).
  • Automatic calculation of acquisition Profiles based on a Knowledge/Skills Map which we design together.

  • Ad-hoc adaptive sessions from the Adaptive Learning engine, based on a user-centric history and pedagogic needs. The adaptation will be done in real-time according to learner answers and progression.

  • In parallel we propose our own LMS / LCMS integrating your digital content during the phase of engineering/educational design design.

Our solution allows:

  • The progressive elaboration of a profile built from the analysis of the results of the activity of the learner and based on a graph of «tasks» (educational curriculum) organized between them (know-how, capacities, skills, prerequisites, etc.).

  • The design of a dashboard allowing the tutor to define him/herself for their class, their groups or each of their students, specific educational strategies. They can then propose learning activities, remedial, evaluation activities according to the learner needs.

  • The development of tools generating «adaptive» activities, that is configured at the same time according to the profile of the learner and the learning pedagogical objectives.

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